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Freelance Chef

A Freelance cook is a allround specialist with wide experience within very many various perpetrate , next to it has he one's private specialty.
He is self-employed entrepreneur with one passion " Cooking ".

Freelance cooks work for companys with temporary employment problems.
We are stand inns for The Chef , Sous Chef , Chef de Partie but also for kitchen management
H.A.C.C.P. set-up or problems.

You can call me at any time you want to dicus the time and prices.

I hope to work for you in the future.

We works also in Germany and Belgian.

Jouri Gourtovoi.

Romanov Culinair
The Netherlands


Het Stroomdal 22
6971 MR Brummen

K.v.k. Deventer Nr. : 08103071